Alberto Del Rio Hasn't Spoken With New WWE Regime About A Return

Alberto Del Rio won't be back in WWE anytime soon

Alberto Del Rio has often claimed in recent years that he will be wrestling for a major promotion soon, including telling people in October of 2021 that he was gearing up for a WWE return. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has yet to resurface in a major company since he departed IMPACT Wrestling in 2018, however. 

Now, Del Rio has discussed a potential return to WWE with Steve Fall of and the former WWE Champion admitted he hasn't spoken to the new regime of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan. 

"Well, to be honest, I haven't talked to the new administration. I did when John Laurinaitis was around and we had a couple of phone calls that didn't go anywhere. Then you know, what is happening, we have a new administration doing fantastic things. As far as I know or what I have read, the numbers when it comes to the ratings and the money are fantastic. Also the way that talent feels backstage and in the ring and everything, it looks like this change has been for the best for the biggest company in the world," Del Rio said.

In an update, a WWE higher-up told Fightful Select there have been no serious pitches to bring Del Rio back to the company since his release in 2016, not even from John Laurinaitis when he was Head of Talent Relations. Instead, the talks Del Rio alluded to with Johnny Ace were more Del Rio trying to gauge possible interest. 

On a possible return, those in WWE who would need to be in favour of Del Rio coming back "haven't been keen on him since well before his WWE exit."

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