Alex Hammerstone Granted MLW Release

Despite a return, Alex Hammerstone will be released from MLW

After months of uncertainty and a deteriorating relationship, Alex Hammerstone surprisingly returned to MLW programming over the past week at the Fightland event, joining the World Titan Federation faction. It was announced that he had been handed his release from MLW (after publicly requesting it months back) but had signed with the WTF faction. This led to some talk over whether or not the whole thing had been a work, though it at least felt as though Hammerstone’s return meant a renewed amiability with MLW.

According to Fightful Select, this is not necessarily the case, and despite it being worked into a storyline, Hammerstone has in fact been granted his release for real. Following his return, Hammerstone said that he had secured his release, with Fightful confirming this to actually be true. 

Hammerstone and MLW supposedly came to an agreement to run this angle and then for him to “finish up” with the promotion by the end of the year, as his release has in fact been granted, making him a free agent come 2024.

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Written by Andrew Kelly