Alex Reynolds & John Silver Thought AEW Was Going To Fire Them In 2020

We may not have had Johnny Hungiee

While Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds are now one of All Elite Wrestling's most popular tag teams, the former Beaver Boys struggled to get TV time during the early portion of their AEW careers and they were constantly on the losing side when they did appear on Dynamite or Dark. 

Alex Reynolds admitted during a recent interview with the Dynamite Download Podcast that he and Silver were "kind of miserable" during this portion of their AEW run and they thought they were going to be fired following Double Or Nothing 2020. 

"It goes hand in hand with us literally starting to do BTE stuff and that started with us just out of pure - I wanna say part-frustration and part-desperation. Brodie had just wrestled Moxley at Double Or Nothing. He had nothing next, like after that. John [Silver] and I would barely be used on [AEW] Dark, to the point where we thought we were getting fired or replaced because they brought in 10 [Preston Vance] during the Georgia shows because we couldn't make it and then we were able to come back down and they debuted 5 [Alan Angels]," Reynolds said.

"Now both of them are getting wins on Dark and we still haven't won a match and it’s like the whole point of The Dark Order like, 'Oh join us. Stop losing, start winning.' So we're like, 'Oh cool. Once we join this group, we're gonna start winning matches.' Nope, we're just gonna keep losing. So, we were kind of miserable and I don't - it wasn't like a bitter frustration, but we felt like we were just there not contributing anything. So, and I hated being upset and bummed out at my dream job, you know? This is what I worked so hard for. 

"Now I'm just coming to work not wrestling, coming out for an entrance or two and going home and just pouting the whole time. I didn't wanna do that. So, I had just thought of, 'Alright, maybe we can just do stuff for BTE. Maybe we can add a little comedy aspect. Me and John [Silver] can kind of just try to recruit people for The Dark Order and just tell them how much it'll help them and they'll start winning,' and the funny part is... that they just always look at us and be like, 'You guys haven't won a match yet.'"

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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