Alex Shelley Explains Why He Missed IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill 2021

The day job comes first

Ahead of IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill, Alex Shelley was pulled from the six-man tag team main event. He was subsequently replaced by Moose and James Storm teamed with Chris Sabin at the most recent IMPACT tapings. 

At the time, Shelley issued a short statement saying his situation was "very complex," but he has now gone into more detail about why he missed the pay-per-view. 

Shelley posted a picture of himself in street clothes on Twitter and wrote: "Most days out of the week, I look like this. I read theories about why I wasn't at @IMPACTWRESTLING for Hard to Kill. They ranged from injury, to illness, to getting arrested, to harming my family members and attempting to cover it up; I am a physical therapy clinician.

"Physio is my livelihood and career. Wrestling is my livelihood and passion project. At my company, due to the volume of sick and injured patients we are in care of, we modify our COVID-19 mandates as needed. As numbers went up, so did restrictiveness.

"To circumvent the topic, I could not be at Hard To Kill due to my career. I respect the decisions made by our company surgeons and doctors: I look to them for advice and guidance. I am unable to travel and wrestle until I am vaccinated. I took every caution I could before...

"But I don't feel right maintaining this duality unless I take every possible safety measure. When the vaccine became available, that required extra security on my end and my company's end for our patients. I honestly don't want to get the vaccine so soon...

"But I want to wrestle very badly while I help people in therapy. So there's no option. @IMPACTWRESTLING was supportive and understanding and as someone who doesn't have nor want a contract at this point, my hands were tied. Thanks for your support everyone."

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