Alexander Wolfe: WWE Used Pitched SAnitY Ideas For RETRIBUTION

Wolfe departed WWE last month

Alexander Wolfe says WWE used a lot of the ideas that he, Eric Young and Killian Dain pitched for SAnitY with RETRIBUTION.

SAnitY, formed in 2016, debuted on the main roster on SmackDown in 2018, but their time on the blue brand was halted before they got started, with the group not utilised.

Wolfe (real name Axel Tischer), says he and the others in the group would regular pitch ideas based on causing chaos, but they were turned down. However, some of those ideas were then utilised when WWE introduced RETRIBUTION last summer.

Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, he said: "I saw a lot of ideas that happened with RETRIBUTION in the beginning. We pitched to mess up stuff, like crash a car or destroy windows or mess around with security because we got banned as we took someone out. Just causing chaos, but controlled chaos for us because we create chaos. 

"We did not need 15 or 20 minute TV matches. Just give us a segment where we can be us. We had wanted to do something backstage where we just randomly punched someone in the face and cause a mass brawl where we get ejected from the building. Next week, we come in as security is in there and then a fight breaks out. Maybe have fake police and we throw sh*t like it's a riot. Destroy something, burn something, whatever is possible.

"EY, Killian, and myself always drove together and had ideas that we'd pitch to each other. A lot of things you can see in IMPACT with Violent by Design. All of the stuff he's doing with the group, is the majority of that is Sanity ideas that he pitched or didn't pitch but had in his mind. He's a great mind for promos."

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