Alpha Academy Want To Restore The Honour Of Tag Wrestling In WWE

WWE has a love/hate relationship with tag team wrestling

Tag team wrestling can be a platform for storylines and opportunities simply not possible in singles wrestling, and when done right can be the most engrossing thing to occur in a wrestling ring.

However, WWE doesn’t always treat their tag scene particularly well, and as revealed to Corey Graves on After The Bel, WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy want to take tag wrestling back to the top of the card where it belongs:

“I think the craziest part of it is how things happen in WWE,” Chad Gable said. “Some things seem to happen out of nowhere and this for us happened out of nowhere, it just happened. We were doing singles matches with Randy and Riddle like we do sometimes here, and never really had a proper tag match. I think they just saw the interaction and the perfect storm of these characters. I think what’s working so well right now for this program is its four perfectly defined characters who the audience knows and who they’re looking at, they know who they’re listening to every time someone speaks. They’re all so distinct and all have their own personalities that play together so perfectly as opposed to two guys in the same tag team that are the same mindset. I think when we see that on tv and the audience sees that, it’s so good to look at because it’s different.

“Maybe people have this idea in their heads that official tag teams need to be the same, and tag team wrestling at its highest form is like an art-form like no other. It’s so beautiful and you can tell a completely different and unique story than you can in any singles match. I truly believe that, and I learned that in NXT and it was basically a college education in wrestling. I got a degree in that but from everybody that I learned from down there, the little intricacies you can apply and do in tag team wrestling that just aren’t possible in singles matches. The chance to mix it up and show the audience on RAW, maybe we’re finally showing them that tag team wrestling can be the mainstay here and be the focal point for the long-term.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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