Apollo Crews Thinks He's Been Too Nice During His WWE Career

He has shown more of a fiery side in recent weeks...

Since moving to the main roster, Apollo Crews has always been thought of as a nice guy who needed a couple of extra pieces to become a star on Monday or Friday nights. Since moving to Raw after WrestleMania 36, The One Man Nation has looked to put these pieces into place as he has displayed more of a fiery and determined personality which helped him win the United States Championship on May 25. 

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy at talkSPORT, Apollo was asked if he thought he had been too nice on some occasions during his WWE run. The United States Champion admitted he probably had been, but that it was just part of his nature. He did note, however, that he has started to be a little bit more selfish as nobody is going to support him unless he supports himself.

Crews said: "Yeah, I feel like I have been [too nice]. Probably because it's just who I am. I'm told sometimes 'maybe you have to be a little more selfish and worry more about yourself than others' and I feel like there are times where I have been a little too nice. It's hard, though. It’s so hard because it's just the way I was brought up. It's just who I am. It's hard for me to change my values or wake up look at myself in the mirror if I step too far away from who I am, you know what I mean? It can be very hard for me.

"That's something that's just in me and who I am, all the time. I feel like sometimes, and not just in the wrestling business but anywhere, people like to take advantage of other people's kindness. They see it as a weakness. So I feel that can work against anybody at any time. 

"There are times where I have learned and I’ve worked to worry about myself a little bit more and be a bit more selfish because if I don’t worry about myself, I don’t think anybody else will."

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