AEW Tease Splitting Up Shawn Spears And Tully Blanchard

Blanchard cut a widely praised promo last night...

At the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, Shawn Spears went one on one with Dustin Rhodes in a widely panned match. The bout didn't last five minutes and involved The Chairman Of AEW having his pants ripped off and boxer shorts pulled down before The Natural spanked him. The camera also revealed Spears had Tully Blanchard's face covering his crotch.

The former member of The Four Horsemen was less than impressed with Spears as he berated his client during a promo on social media. Blanchard told Spears he thought they had synergy and shared the same worldview but this was seemingly a lie as he popped up on his Shawn's crotch at the pay-per-view as part of a cheap piece of comedy. He then berated the Canadian and said he would not allow him to destroy his legacy. The promo then ended with Blanchard screaming, as he told Spears he has to want to be the best wrestler in AEW and if he doesn't, Tully will walk out the door.

Whether AEW follows up on this tease remains to be seen, but it could also be used as a way to present Spears as a serious character to the audience again after his comedy match at Double Or Nothing. 

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