Arn Anderson Comments On Cody Rhodes' Decision To Leave AEW

Arn Anderson on Cody Rhodes' departure from AEW

Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world in February 2022 when the former TNT Champion announced that he would be leaving All Elite Wrestling. Rhodes' contract with the promotion had already expired but many expected him to re-sign until he suddenly confirmed his departure with wife Brandi Rhodes. 

Cody then returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38. He will main event WrestleMania 39 in an Undisputed WWE Universal Title match against Roman Reigns. 

Rhodes was managed by Arn Anderson throughout his AEW run and The Enforcer addressed Cody's exit from All Elite Wrestling while speaking to WrestlingNewsPremium

After being asked if he had spoken to Cody since he won the Royal Rumble, Arn stated: 

"Yeah, we have. I was with Cody from day one, the first time he walked in one of the buildings and was looking around. He was still in high school. I have a rich history with his family, certainly his father and his brother. When the decision was being made to leave, there was gonna be a lot of backlash and a lot of different opinions, but here's the way that thing was based. In this business, wrestlers are always changing companies all the time. It's the history. When you make that decision based on the birth of your child and the things you want out of your marriage and being a new father, how can it be the wrong decision? 

"Tony Khan is a great human being. He cares about the talent. In as much as I'm sure he hated losing Cody, but if that was his decision, he was going to support it. There's no ill feelings. We're all friends. All the talent are friends, not all, but a lot of us are friends. The fact that we work for rival companies, you know, that's just the way it is. Everybody can't work for the same company. I think a lot of Cody. I think he's going to do wonders for their company. I'm so happy for the success that he's enjoying. He's going to make them glad they got him and I'm sure there's a lot of days we're gonna wish we still had him. He's a class talent, that's for sure."

Arn Anderson has managed Brock Anderson since Cody's AEW exit. The WWE Hall of Famer is under contract with AEW into 2024.

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