Arn Anderson Would Have Tessa Blanchard & Brian Pillman Jr. In New Four Horsemen

Arn Anderson on a new Four Horsemen

Arn Anderson wants to see a new iteration of The Four Horsemen now that he owns the trademark for the faction. The Enforcer also has two names in mind for the stable in Brian Pillman Jr. and the controversial Tessa Blanchard. 

Arn said on his podcast

"Well, obviously at some point and some time, I would sure love to see one more successful run by the Four Horsemen renamed. I do own the trademark, which you know, was not easy to acquire and pretty expensive. But our buddy Mike Dawkins made that possible, so not only do Brock and I own our names, we own the Horsemen deal. Brian [Pillman Jr] has a lot of potential. I'm still trying to figure Brian out. That was talked about after the successful outing they had at Starrcast, they had a good match. I think that there's a possibility that something like that could happen. 

"I think Tessa Blanchard, from what I've seen in the past, has a lot of talent. That's for sure. [She] has a great look, not sure what's going on with her inner business these days or what her goals are. I don't know Tessa like that, it's been a casual crossing of paths maybe three or four times. It's something to think about definitely."

Arn's son Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr. have teamed together in AEW and on the independents over the past several months. Tessa Blanchard has had a handful of matches on the independent scene since July of 2022. She had a long hiatus from wrestling after being fired from IMPACT Wrestling in 2020, which came after allegations of bullying and racism had been made against her. Blanchard was set to be a part of WOW - Women of Wrestling but she departed the promotion before the first tapings. 

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