Athena Isn't Sure What Ember Moon Was Supposed To Be

A werewolf? The Moon incarnate? Athena isn't sure who or what Ember Moon was

Although Ember Moon’s run in WWE NXT was celebrated and laden with titles, it’s not sure quite exactly what or who Moon was supposed to be.

Was she a werewolf? Was she a Goddess of the Moon? Or was she just someone with cool eyes and a neat finisher? It’s not exactly clear, and according to Moon herself - now known as Athena - she wasn’t sure either, saying the following during an online meet and greet with The Asylum Wrestling Store:

"I don't know what Ember was supposed to be. I think a lot of the times they were like, 'Oh, she's a witch, she's a vampire, she's a werewolf, she's an assassin in the dark.' There were so many different ideas being thrown out but I remember actually planning a whole werewolf outfit at one point in time. It was like, 'Okay, we got the mask, we got this, we had gear to match. We started putting on ratty fur and stuff, and like, something happened and then that got changed to something else.' I don't know, but at one point in time, I think Ember was supposed to be a werewolf.

“A lot of the masks and stuff that I wore at NXT, they were modelled after wolf skulls and stuff. They're plastic, don't get me PETA. But they were modelled after wolf skulls so I wanted to do kind of an ode to that after I got back to NXT. That was kind of my, 'Alright, I'm going to make this a werewolf today,'" Athena said.

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