Austin Theory Prepared For Anything WWE Throws His Way

Theory has a bright future ahead of him in WWE

Austin Theory may not have been on WWE’s main roster for very long, but it’s clear the company has high hopes for him, and no matter what may come Theory’s way, he is prepared for any and all of it.

During an appearance on Alternative Sport, Theory was asked about his future WrestleMania goals, having had his debut Mania bout at WrestleMania 36 in 2020:

"I think for myself, I love going at a steady pace and being prepared for every time I'm pushed forward to a situation,” said Theory. “I think a United States Championship match would be cool, Intercontinental Championship match, WWE Championship match, I think for Austin Theory, it's not about how everybody else sees things. Like, 'Oh the Universal Title is the biggest match.' 'Oh the United States Title is not as big.' I think every match on WrestleMania stands alone for itself. So I think anything that I do on that show, it'll just be great. So I can't really pin point a certain thing because I think everything that you can do at WrestleMania is great, so let's just see what happens. I'll definitely be prepared for it, whatever it is."

H/T: Sportskeeda

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