Dolph Ziggler: It Was So Much Fun Punching John Cena's Face In

The two feuded in 2012

Dolph Ziggler has opened up on his feud with John Cena in 2012, saying he had a lot of fun punching and beating up the WWE icon. 

Ziggler and Cena went back-and-forth in late 2012 with Cena eventually challenging Ziggler for the Money In The Bank contract in a Ladder Match at TLC 2012. 

Reflecting on the bout, and what working with Cena did for him, Ziggler told WWE's The Bump: "It was amazing. Whoever doesn't like beating up John Cena is a liar because it's one of the greatest things you could ever do.

"This match in particular, normally I'm a guy who sometimes is snubbed like I was for the RK-Bro tournament, but in this day and age when John Cena is one of the biggest stars, not just in wrestling, but in the entire world and you get to be across from him in the ring in the main event of a PPV with my contract and briefcase already on the line, so I'm giving it everything here.

"When you have someone who's at the top of their game and you're across from them and you're someone who doesn't always win and gets snubbed and is just fighting to be there and I believe it was in the North-East, maybe New York, 99% of that crowd cheering for me because they hate John Cena as much as I hate him. 

"It was so fun punching his face in. I believe he hits a Hurricanrana in that match which is pretty amazing."

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