Azteca Underground Could Be A Second MLW Series

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Court Bauer was a guest on Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life Podcast earlier this week and the MLW founder strongly hinted that Azteca Underground would be the promotion's second series. 

"It's going to be interesting with the new project, Azteca Underground, it's a pretty fun project, but it's also going to be easier for us to make something feel distinctly different from Fusion," Bauer said. "All I can say is that we may or may not have received two bids for a second series that may or may not involve Azteca Underground."

Azteca Underground made its first appearance in MLW earlier this year after the previously mysterious El Jefe purchased Promociones Dorado and rebranded the faction. The group has since developed a close connection to the defunct Lucha Underground series and the man formerly known as Dario Cueto was revealed as El Jefe in MLW Fusion's season finale. 

Current members of Azteca Underground include Cesar Duran (Cueto), Mil Muertes, LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park and La Parka. 

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