B-Fab: WWE Deals Are More Like An Agreement Than A Contract

"A scary situation"

Although WWE talents are often signed by the company on multi-year deals, Vince McMahon's promotion is under no obligation to keep Superstars under contract for the duration of their contracts and many wrestlers find themselves let go before the end of their deals. 

This practice has very much come to the fore in recent years, with over 100 talents having been let go since WrestleMania 36, including talents like Chelsea Green who had only recently signed new contracts prior to their releases. 

B-Fab also found herself on the chopping block during one of several rounds of cuts in 2021 and the former Hit Row member has described WWE deals as more of an agreement than an actual contract. 

"It's a sad situation because I don't even know if you can even call it a contract [WWE deals] because most contracts have to be like, worked through to the entire - 'till they are finished, you know? So with them being able to terminate whenever, it's kind of more so along the lines of an agreement more than a contract these days and if you wanna live your life, you can't put your [life on hold] to this agreement because they can change it whenever they want," B-Fab said during a K&S Wrestlefest virtual signing.

"So it's kind of hard to make decisions for your life and plan for you when you don't really know what's gonna happen day-to-day so, I just feel like it's not as secure. It's a very scary situation to put yourself in if, you know, you're putting your all into that and you really want that just like all of us, me included. It's very difficult to say if it's even worth it, you know?" she continued.

"You have to take a chance, but it's definitely a scary situation. I mean because now, a lot of people are moving, you know, from across the country, from different countries to do this job and I mean you can get cut in six months and you've moved your entire life and family included all the way over here so it's a very weird situation honestly. It's very weird."

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