Backstage News On Vince McMahon's WWE Role Following Removal From Creative

Update on Vince McMahon's WWE role

What exactly is Vince McMahon now doing in WWE following his removal from WWE creative by Endeavor and TKO Group Holdings CEO Ari Emanuel

Ahead of WWE's merger with UFC, impressions both publicly and privately from Ari Emanuel suggested Vince McMahon would remain in charge of WWE and Emanuel would defer to McMahon on any matters they disagreed on. McMahon now finds himself with less power in WWE following the merger, though, as not only is he no longer the majority shareholder but he is no longer the overseer of creative, having been removed from the process by Ari Emanuel due to his belief that people need to do the jobs they are assigned to do. This has left WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque in charge of WWE creative. 

Although McMahon's power within WWE has reportedly been marginalised, the Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings is still influential within WWE. According to Sports Illustrated, McMahon's focus is away from creative and he is overseeing a new media rights deal for Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. 

WWE's media rights deals in the United States are set to expire in October 2024. A deal worth $1.4 billion over four years for SmackDown has already been agreed with NBCUniversal to take the blue brand from FOX to USA. Raw and NXT reportedly won't be remaining on USA, though, and there has been talk of interest in the media rights from Disney and Amazon. 

It has even been hinted that Raw could move from Monday nights, which would be a drastic change for the show that has aired at the beginning of the week since it premiered all the way back in 1993. 

In addition to his removal from creative, Vince McMahon was also blamed as one of the reasons for TKO Group's stock price dropping by Ari Emanuel. 

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