Backstage Notes On WWE Employee Meeting Following Mass Layoffs

Everything that happened at WWE's all-employee meeting

Following mass layoffs that saw over 100 people lose their jobs, WWE held an all-employee meeting at the new WWE HQ in Stamford, Connecticut on Tuesday. 

Nick Khan, Triple H, Kevin Dunn, and Brad Blum opened the meeting, according to PWInsider, although Nick Khan was the only person who spoke, with the WWE President putting over Vince McMahon and saying it was unfortunate that cuts had to be made. He thanked everyone for their hard work. 

Nick Khan then introduced Vince McMahon, who began by praising Endeavor and TKO Group Holdings CEO Ari Emanuel. McMahon then claimed WWE had stagnated as a company and the deal with Endeavor needed to be done to get the company to the next level. According to reports, this comment led to eye rolls amongst WWE employees as they believe McMahon only sold the company so he could return. 

McMahon then introduced his "boss", Ari Emanuel, who put over McMahon and expressed his excitement for the new era of WWE. Emanuel also felt this was the most opportune moment to state that his daughter now works for WWE and announce she had just gotten engaged. PWInsider has reported that Emanuel's daughter has been with WWE for some time. 

Following the meeting, all of the executives except for Vince McMahon stayed to chat with the several hundred employees who were present for the meeting.

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