Batista Sacrifices Big Show & Bears In The Business: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Another week of slightly absurd wrestling stories...

Are you all excited for WrestleMania Backlash (or 'Backlash' as most of us call it)? 

Yeah, me neither.

I'm sure there will be some good matches and all - Roman Reigns versus Cesaro should at least be a banger - but it's still hard to get hyped for these big shows without actual fans, especially when much of the televised product leading up to it has been poor. 

Backlash used to be a highlight of the WWE pay-per-view calendar back in the day, being host to some genuinely classic matches and incredible moments. 

Immediately springing to mind are The Rock and Steve Austin tearing it up in '99, Rock beating Triple H to win the WWE Title with the help of Stone Cold in 2000, Randy Orton having his breakout performance opposite Mick Foley in '04 and, who could forget, Vince McMahon going over on 'God' in 2006. 

Will anything on Sunday's show come close to reaching those heights? 

You'd think probably not. But here's hoping. 

10. The World's Largest Sacrifice

Big show batista 2014

Dave Bautista is currently doing the media rounds to promote his film Army of the Dead, which will play in select cinemas from today, before being made available on Netflix next week. 

Speaking with, The Animal was asked about which five wrestlers he would bring with him for a 'zombie heist'. 

Big Dave chose the following, giving his reasons for each: 

"All right. So five right off the top of my head, I’m bringing Titus. He’s my number one guy. He’s my right-hand man. I’m bringing MVP. He’s my dude. He’s my soldier like that dude is, you know, he’s definitely coming with me ’cause he’s got everything that you need. I’m bringing Rey Mysterio because I believe Rey can do things that a lot of human beings are unable to do.

I’m bringing Undertaker. ‘Cause Undertaker’s just a badass. I know we can depend on that dude. I’m also going to bring Big Show because if we need to sacrifice someone for zombies because obviously, you know, Big Show’s the guy. They will spend like days eating that guy. So we don’t have to worry about [it]. We know we got days to move around without zombies chasing us ’cause they’re going to be busy eating Big Show".

I'm sure Paul Wight heard about that and cried. And then went for lunch and cried. And then went for a walk and cried. And then cried himself to sleep before waking up in the middle of the night, crying. 

(Big Show likes to cry a lot).

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