10 Bloodiest WWE Matches

Bloody hell, those are some serious blade jobs...

On the day of this article's publication, it will be seventeen years to the day since Judgement Day 2004. 

A humdrum pay-per-view with no real standout matches on the undercard, it was saved by a dramatic main event WWE Title match between champion Eddie Guerrero and unlikely challenger JBL. 

The match was going along fine until about midway through when, with the referee down, the former Acolyte rocked Latino Heat with a sickening chair shot that resulted in Eddie bleeding profusely. 

It completely changed the tone of the contest and certainly made it linger long in the memory. 

Eddie had cut himself too deep and hit an artery, causing blood to squirt out of him in an unpleasant sight. The two soldiered on and finished their match, with Bradshaw also bleeding at the match's conclusion.

When they returned backstage, Guerrero actually went into shock due to the massive blood loss, with doctors urging him to undergo a transfusion (he declined but did allow them to stitch his head up). It's no exaggeration to say that things could have gone much, much worse. 

There have been many incredibly bloody matches in WWE history, but I'm not sure there are any that compare with what went down on May 16, 2004. 

The following ten come pretty close, though. 

So pop an aspirin, tape your wrists, hide that blade and read on to relive the carnage. 

10. Triple H Vs. Kevin Nash - Bad Blood 2003

Hell in a cell kevin nash triple h mick foley bad blood 2003

The World Heavyweight Title feud between champion Triple H and challenger Kevin Nash in the spring of 2003 was far from inspiring stuff. 

Their bout at Judgment Day was a washout, as was their meeting at Insurrextion (and I had the pleasure of being there to witness that one in person). 

Thankfully, the Kliq pals ended their series on a high note, inside the Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood. Focusing on hate and brutality, the two beat the tar out of each other and used novel weapons, such as a wooden pallet, barbed wire 2x4 and the contents of a toolbox (as well as the toolbox itself). 

Fittingly for a big blowoff grudge match, both men were busted open thanks to their smorgasbord of sadistic toys, with The Game in particular springing a gusher and sporting the proverbial 'crimson mask' for the second half of the match. 

But they weren't the only ones to shed some claret, because special guest referee Mick Foley got in on the act, too. 

I mean, why not? Foley probably put himself through the dinner table every night for a laugh, so this was just another day in the life. 

It's no surprise that all three ended up with colour. The show was called 'Bad Blood' after all, not 'Nobody Gets Hurt'. 

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