Maria Flashed The Hardyz & Finlay In The Philippines: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Does anyone in WWE creative have brrrraaaaaiiiiins?


I don't really know what else to say, but at this point it's clear that...

Zombies. Just zombies. 

Awful really, wasn't it? 

I appreciate that they felt the need to do something memorable to co-promote the Batista film and all, but couldn't they have just had the 24/7 gang of goofs running away from them backstage or something harmless like that instead? 

It wasn't quite as bad as David Arquette becoming Heavyweight Champion, Chucky trying to scare Rick Steiner or Robocop saving the day (boy do I miss WCW), but it was still pretty bad as far as movie and wrestling tie-ins go. 

And what a shame for The Miz to suffer the first major injury of his 15 year-plus WWE career during the contest, a torn ACL no less. 

At least the zombies ate him afterwards and he's now dead in the storyline, giving him cover while he recuperates. 

Small mercies. 

The injury bug has also bitten Will Ospreay, who was forced to go back to the UK from Japan in order to rehab his neck, necessitating him dropping the IWGP Heavyweight Title in the process. 

Adding to the rubbish news, a bunch more cuts were made in NXT, with several talented prospects (and Drake Wuertz) getting their release papers this week. 

If you're bogged down by all the negative, I implore you to dive into this week's Ten Things for tales of Brock Lesnar's business acumen, flashing divas and some lighthearted leprechaun trafficking. 

10. Waltman Gets His Due

Razor ramon 123 kid raw

May 17 marked the anniversary of Sean '1-2-3 Kid' Waltman's famous upset over Razor Ramon on Raw. 

The man also known as X-Pac tweeted out 'The most important win of my career happened 28 years ago today' to mark the occasion and was met with a multitude of wrestlers who expressed how important the match was to them. 

Lance Storm responded by saying 'That was an important day for so many of us smaller men in the business' while Ivar of the Viking Raiders claimed 'That is what lit my spark for wrestling'.

Sean waltman tweet

AEW star Jack Evans, who worked with Waltman extensively in Mexico's AAA promotion, said 'Strangely enough, this was also the most important moment in my career' before disclosing that the match was the reason he became a wrestler. 

Waltman rarely gets his proper due, but he was a pivotal figure in wrestling, especially during the 90's, inspiring many wrestlers who probably thought they weren't big enough to work in the business. 

He's also a sound bloke with great taste, as demonstrated by his Desert Island Graps appearance this week. 

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