Dawn Marie's Hotel Room Regret & Matt Cardona Chooses Death: 10 Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Softer than a cage fall onto a giant crash pad...

AEW's much hyped Blood and Guts spectacular is in the bag then. 

The Pinnacle outlasted the Inner Circle in a gruelling war of attrition that delivered all the chaos and violence that it promised. 

A fantastic TV main event, it was sadly let down by the finish, as MJF pushed Chris Jericho from the top of the cage onto a glorified bouncy castle that the commentators claimed was a concrete floor. 

Or perhaps it was concrete and it just hadn't set yet. 

Anyway, the stunt resulted in widespread mockery, including from NXT's Shotzi Blackheart, who summed up her thoughts with a sarcastic gif. 

If I were Shotzi (or anyone assigned to NXT), I don't think I would be mocking AEW, considering Tony Khan's promotion bullied them so hard in the ratings that they had to move their show to another night. 

Weak ending aside, the Blood and Guts brawl was the highlight of a week that saw Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expire, Eva Marie announce her return to Raw and a whole bunch of other stuff that might have evaded your attention...

10. Molly And Vince Don't Exchange Christmas Cards

Molly holly women s champion 2002

Recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee Molly Holly was a guest on Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast and, while the story of a road agent asking her to 'motorboat' Trish Stratus during a match made the headlines, she had some interesting things to say on her relationship with Vince McMahon. 

Well, if you can even call it a relationship, that is.

The former Women's Champion claims she didn't have a single proper conversation with WWE's head honcho - until she went to him to negotiate her release in 2005, some five years after being a full-time performer on television. 

"I didn't have any conversations with Vince [McMahon]. The only conversation I've had with Vince in my entire career was when I asked to be released from my contract early. That's the only time I've said more than 'hello' to him.

So the way that I got hired was through Jim Ross and then throughout my time there, I'd talk with the writers or the head of talent relations but I didn't really have any conversations with Vince.

It was a big deal for me to walk into his office and tell him thank you for everything and then that I'd like to close my chapter in pro wrestling. I wouldn't say that I have a friendship with him or anything. He shook my hand and I took my picture with him and he was very nice”.

Holly also talked about how upset she was that WWE severely edited down her Hall of Fame speech, but that she appreciated the company uploading video of her reciting the full version (from her home) to their YouTube channel. 

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