Summer Rae's New Gig & Two Cases Of 'Hammer Time' - Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Does anyone else think Greg Valentine could pass for Triple H's dad?

I really need a haircut. 

Thanks to the pandemic and the restrictions in place in my part of the world, it has been six months since I've had a trim and I'm currently sporting a barnet that is just a little bit too similar to mid-90's Ric Flair for comfort. 

If this continues for another few months, I'm worried I'll end up looking like, I dunno, 1980's Ric Flair.

It's not a major problem, granted, but it's been a quiet week in the wrestling world and I'm writing this not too far from a mirror and finding it hard to focus on anything else. 

Despite the lack of major headlines or breaking news, there were still plenty of other entertaining bits and pieces floating about, including an unexpected career change, a burgeoning political campaign and a bunch of other stuff you'd have to look hard to find.


Uh oh. It's happening...

10. The Summer Of Crypto

Summer rae wwe

Does anyone reading this properly understand cryptocurrency? 


Good. Me neither. 

Apparently Danielle Moinet, FKA WWE Diva Summer Rae, does, because she has been named the Director of Marketing and Social Engagement for cryptocurrency company Cornerstone Global Management. 

According to the press release announcing her appointment, Moinet 'becomes the first known current or former professional female athlete to take an active executive position with a cryptocurrency related company'. 

It goes on to further state she 'brings with her a wealth of marketing and ecommerce experience, including a combined 2.7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. She also has a Business Degree with an emphasis in Marketing from East Carolina University'.

Like I said, I don't really understand all of this Bitcoin business but, if my limited understanding is correct, Summer Rae will more than likely be a billionaire by Christmas. 

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