The Rock Respects You, Booker Man & Undertaker's Brush With The Law: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week


Spare a thought this week for Terry Funk, who is now living in an assisted living facility due to the effects of dementia and other debilitating health problems. 

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love the Funker? 

One of the best professional wrestlers ever, Terry has been active across six decades and given so much to the industry. 

Whether he was the NWA Champion of the 70's, the mad dog grizzled veteran piledriving Ric Flair on a table in the 80's, the lovable hardcore grandpa of the 90's and 2000's or, well, just about any incarnation of Funk is enjoyable for one reason or another and I, as well as everyone at Cultaholic, hope he is doing as well as he can be. 

Dementia really is an egg-sucking dog, and we all know how the man from the Double Cross Ranch feels about those...

For this week's Ten Things, we check in with some familiar faces for more colourful stories, interactions, silliness, rumour and innuendo, including a classic Bob Holly bullying story and the fears AJ Styles had before joining WWE. 

P.S. Depending on how England get on in this Sunday's Euro 2020 final, I might not be around for next week's piece. 

'No surrender, five-day bender' and all that.

10. The Following Pre-Tapes Have Been Paid For By Vince McMahon

New world order hogan hall nash 2002 wwe

This week marked twenty five years since the original formation of the New World Order (at WCW Bash at the Beach 1996). 

Though they helped WCW pull ahead in the Monday Night Wars, the Order were not welcomed with open arms when Vince McMahon decided to bring them into WWE in early 2002. 

Considered a potentially disruptive locker room presence, the likes of The Rock, Steve Austin and other top stars were hesitant to work with Hogan, Hall and Nash. 

And Vince himself apparently had issues with the group, as Kurt Angle revealed on a recent edition of the Kurt Angle Show podcast.

According to the Olympic Hero, early in the nWo's WWE tenure the Chairman had the trio stay in the studio until the early hours of the morning in order to get a pre-taped segment right after they kept neglecting to listen to his instruction. 

"I remember when nWo came back to the WWE, and Vince had them all night doing pre-tapes because they would say what they wanted to say.

And Vince was like, 'No, you're going to say what I tell you to say', and they kept doing it all night. And Vince was also trying to teach them a lesson about you know, leaving him high and dry in the nineties and going to WCW.

I think there was a little bit of a message of, 'I'm going to get you back for this, you're going to be doing pre-tapes all night', and they did. They went until like five in the morning. So, Vince is a perfectionist. He wants it done right"

In the same episode of the always-entertaining podcast, Angle also talked about how Vince threatened to fine him and Steve Austin $2,000 (per take) for laughing and ruining the filming of their infamous tiny cowboy hat bit. 

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