Becky Lynch Details The Differences Between 'The Man' & 'Big Time Becks'

Lynch has enjoyed a shift in character in WWE

Becky Lynch has explained the key differences in the characteristics between her 'Man' character and her current 'Big Time Becks' gimmick. 

Since returning to WWE at SummerSlam, Lynch has portrayed an over-the-top heel character that will fight when she feels like it, as opposed to The Man that got her so over and main-evented WrestleMania 35.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Lynch explained: "‘The Man’ was understated, she’d never back down from a fight. She told things like it was, she was very to the point. And now Big Time Becks is over the top.

"If she feels like fighting, she will, but maybe today isn’t the time. And she’ll use nefarious means if she has to, whereas The Man was always true and right and righteous. But now I’ll do whatever it takes.

"I can kind of bust [“The Man”] out whenever I want to. You know what I mean, I feel like I busted a little bit of it out on Monday night, if anybody was tuning in on Monday. I busted a little bit out and then I switched and flipped the page. And so that’s something that I can always go back to. But for now, this is an exploration of something new, and that’s exciting to sink my teeth in and find different motivations and different ways to her under people’s skin and different ways to elevate myself and other people.

"And it’s an exciting opportunity because when you’re a babyface, and you’re a good guy, it’s all about you, right? And so being a heel, you make it look like it’s all about you. But really the end goal is to make sure is to make sure that people want to see that good guy beat the ever-living crap out of you at the end of the day. And so that’s exciting because we have such a fresh group of talent coming up, an extraordinary group. I’m so excited about everybody that I have to face."

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