Eric Bischoff "Really Surprised" By John Morrison's WWE Release

Morrison was let go last week

WWE's roster cuts continued earlier this month and John Morrison was surprisingly released by the company on November 18, adding to the 79 other Superstars WWE had already released in 2021. 

Speaking on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff revealed his surprise at Morrison's release, noting that The Shaman Of Sexy was fluid in the ring and easy to work with. 

"Open-minded guy, easy to work with, had a great sense of wanting to create a great character. He understood the difference between the real John Morrison and the character John Morrison, which, believe it or not, people struggle with from time to time. The talent themselves sometimes confuse the character they're playing with the real person and I understand that because oftentimes the lines are intentionally blurred," Bischoff began.

"But still, John didn't have that, even early on breaking into the business. He saw the distinction between himself and the character. I'm really surprised. As far as his in-ring presentation, the guy is fluid, he can do so much so that one really surprised me this morning when I saw that and he's an easy guy to work with, he's not a pain in the ass, he's a company guy. Curious what's behind the scenes on that."

Bischoff also spoke further about WWE's latest releases and described them as a "market correction."

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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