Becky Lynch: It's Better For Business If I'm A Heel

Becky Lynch believes she's more beneficial to WWE as a heel.

Speaking at a recent NYC AW panel, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch spoke about her preference for playing a heel role, as opposed to a babyface one, explaining:

"Being a heel is so much fun. I think human nature, we generally just don't want to like people. [...] You have so much freedom in that you can do anything. You can have fun and if people don't like you, 'Well, I'm doing my job.' If people like you, 'Well, you're so entertaining. How could they not?' It's a lot easier and more fun in that aspect."

Becky also spoke about her belief that her being a heel is better for business as a whole, especially in terms of women's wrestling.

"When it comes to the business, and wrestling as a whole, and women's wrestling, I feel I can [...] help by being a heel. When you're a babyface, it's all about you and how good you look, and how we make the audience like you the most. When you're a heel, it's all about how you make the babyface look good, and how you can get people invested and want to see this person win. I feel I have enough equity with the audience that I'm able to help a babyface, and that just helps women's wrestling when people get more equity and exposure. That drives the business forward."

Becky has recently been sidelined with injury, not wrestling since WWE SummerSlam 2002 against Bianca Belair. Interestingly, she appeared to turn face in the aftermath of the match, siding with Belair against Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. 

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