Becky Lynch Talks About Becoming The Man, There Being More Pressure On Women To Deliver In WWE Main Events

The Man recently appeared at CES 2020...

Becky Lynch is currently the longest-reigning Raw Women's champion in WWE history, having held the title for 275 days. She also emerged victorious in the first-ever women's main event at The Showcase Of The Immortals at WrestleMania 36.

Lynch was a guest at The Equality Lounge at CES 2020 as she took part in a talk titled, "She’s "The Man": Balancing Feminine And Masculine Leadership Styles To Maximize Impact."

During the talk, Lynch was asked about why she became The Man, as opposed to The Woman. She explained that she adopted the term as a form of female empowerment because while she cannot change the English language to remove the connotations around "The Man," she can use the term to prove that she is the top star in WWE.

The Irish Lass Kicker said: "In my sport, in every sport, the person, the top dog, is usually referred to as The Man and I can't change the English language to mean that the top person is The Woman, so I said, 'Alright, well I'm the top person in WWE right now, I'm going to start calling myself The Man.' And for me, that wasn’t a way to negate female empowerment, that was a way to say, 'No, sorry guys, I’m the top dog, The Man, I’m taking your name and your spot.'"

Lynch was then asked about the challenges of being a woman, and she discussed the pressure women are under when they main event WWE pay-per-views. She explained that she thought there was much more leeway given to men to make mistakes, and people never question if men should main event shows. It is just accepted that men are capable of main eventing a WWE pay-per-view, but the same cannot be said for women as any time she has a sub-par main event, people in the wrestling world always question whether a woman should be in the main event spot.

Lynch elaborated: "If it’s a guy and there's an error here and an error there, it’s kind of passed over but if we (women) sometimes let it slip, that gets poked at a lot more. I know that oftentimes I feel I have the weight of a gender on my back. Like a million guys have had terrible main event matches. If I have a sub-par main event match, the question comes up should women be main eventing, and that’s a load of crap, to be honest. Like, we all have off days… But we’re all trying to be the absolute best and unfortunately, we always have to be constantly on our game until that’s not a question anymore."

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