Beth Phoenix Feels Being In A Men's Royal Rumble Paved The Way For A Women's Version

Not everyone gets to eliminate The Great Khali...

Following Chyna's appearances in the 1999 and 2000 Royal Rumble matches, it wouldn't be for another decade that another woman appeared in a Rumble match filled with male participants. Beth Phoenix entered into the 2010 match, and got to eliminate The Great Khali before falling victim to CM Punk.

Phoenix talked about her Rumble experiences on The Bump, and fondly recalled getting to enter the 2010 match as a surprise participant.

"I looked up a lot to Chyna," Phoenix stated. "She was the reason I walked into a gym and started picking up weights. The ten-year gap between when she entered the Rumble and when I did it, the fact that I had the opportunity to fill that role and walk into those steps...when my music hit and I sprint to the ring, it was likely the fastest I've ever run in my life and it was all over in a blink. I get to the back and Undertaker is standing right there and he says, 'Girl, I think you broke a 100-meter sprint record.'

"The experience of being in the first female Royal Rumble, it was such a feather in my cap, a little personal pat on the back. I felt like me being in the men's Rumble then contributed to the women being able to have their own Rumble."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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