Bianca Belair Comments On Reported WWE NXT Changes

Belair has faith in WWE

Bianca Belair believes WWE are destined for success no matter what they choose to do with NXT. 

WWE fired 12 NXT Superstars on August 6 and the company is planning to repackage NXT as just a developmental programme with a focus on bigger and younger wrestlers. 

Bianca Belair spent a number of years in NXT and The EST of WWE thinks the company will be able to adapt and bring success to NXT for a long time to come.

"NXT is home to me. They really built me from the ground. When I came to NXT I didn't know anything so it's an amazing place to be and no matter how long you are there there's always gonna instill something in you that can ignite the fire in you and help you to succeed no matter where you're at," Belair told ViBe & Wrestling.

"As far as repackaging NXT, I know no matter what happens NXT and WWE, in general, is so good at adapting and just being successful at anything that they do. Look at the ThunderDome and how they adapted at what was happening in the world, making the ThunderDome and virtual fans being able to adapt no matter what to be successful and that's what's amazing about this company. Anybody that steps foot in this company, no matter what, can go off and be successful inside and outside."

When exactly WWE will institute major changes to NXT remains to be seen, but the company is expected to continue releasing talent on a regular basis.

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