Bianca Belair Talks WrestleMania 37 & 38 Title Wins

Bianca Belair speaks about defeating Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at consecutive WrestleManias.

Following her defeat of Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38, WWE Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair spoke to Complex Unsanctioned about winning titles at two consecutive WrestleMania events. On comparing her victories over Lynch and Sasha Banks, Belair said: 

"I can’t compare them because they’re so different. Last year going into WrestleMania and main eventing with Sasha Banks, making history, being the first time that two black women have ever main evented WrestleMania, walking out as SmackDown Women’s Champion - last year was me going in as a rookie. I was going in just trying to just prove myself and I had nothing to lose. I was out there just giving it all I had and I was just excited and grateful to be there, and those nerves were completely different.

"[This year] I felt like I had a little bit more experience and wasn’t walking in as a rookie. Now I was walking in as a former WrestleMania main event winner and former champion, and so now I had this reputation that I had to live up to. But also this year it was more personal. [...] The title that Becky Lynch took from me was the title that I won at last year’s WrestleMania, so this year the nerves were so different. It was like I was making history again, but it was more personal and more of a redemption."

On the Raw after WrestleMania, Belair cut a babyface promo which indicated that she intends to be a fighting champion. It's unknown who her next challenger will be, and Becky Lynch did not appear on the show. 

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