Bianca Belair Thanks Bayley For Building Her Confidence At WWE Hell In A Cell 2021

Belair enjoyed working with The Role Model

Bianca Belair has credited Bayley for bringing out a new side of her during their Hell In a Cell match in June. 

Belair and Bayley feuded over the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship following WrestleMania 37 and were scheduled to meet in an 'I Quit' Match at Money In The Bank, only for the bout to be pulled after The Role Model suffered a serious injury.

Belair has praised Bayley for being so helpful and amazing to work with during their time in the ring together, in particularly during their brutal Hell In A Cell match at the event under the same name a few weeks ago.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Podcast, Belair said: "Bayley is so talented and the amazing thing is that she is so talented that she makes it look so easy and sometimes I don't feel like she gets the credit she deserves because she makes it look so easy.

"I have learned so much from Bayley, even outside of the ring. Just watching how she adapts and handles things. Her creativity, her mind, her persona, charisma, wrestling skills and ability. Everything about Bayley, she's a locker room leader, a legend in the making.

"I feel like I learned so much from Bayley, especially at Hell in a Cell. A new side of Bianca Belair came out.  That was one of the most intense matches I've been a part of. 

"I was really excited to get in the Cell because I was the first woman to be in Hell in a Cell that wasn't a Four Horsewomen. I had to go in there and, I don't call myself the roughest and toughest, and not come out on top in this match. I feel like that's what I needed for my title reign and it was good to have after WrestleMania to build my confidence and build the fan's confidence in me as the SmackDown Women's Champion.

"Bayley brought that out of me and I thank her for that. She brought it out of me and I will use that in the future."

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