Bruce Prichard Talks About Test's Initial WWE Push

“We looked at Test with high hopes of being a main event guy”

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon loves massive good looking men, often pushing the wrestlers that fit his specific tastes over talents who may be more ‘accomplished’ in-ring.

One of the talents in question was the late Andrew Martin, first introduced to WWE audiences as Test in 1998. Although somewhat ‘green’ in the ring, test was given a good push upon his debut, and now on Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard has gone into detail about WWE’s hopes for Test:

“I think that we looked at Test with high hopes of being a main event guy,” said Prichard “I think that probably the thing that hurt Test in some ways at the very beginning was Vince Russo making the comparison to him and Kevin [Nash]. ‘He’s gonna be the next Kevin Nash bro. Look at him’ and I think to Shawn [Michaels] and everybody, it was like, ‘He’s no Kevin Nash.’ But Test was young and at that time, Test came in very young with very little experience and I think somebody asked him, ‘Hey man, how many matches have you had?’ And he like counted, I think he had like 21 matches. ‘This f****** guy’s had 21 matches and he’s in the main event on Raw?’ But I do think in some ways that was good. Just sometimes man, you gotta get new talent out there and go. He had a great look, had some charisma, natural charisma. But we did have high hopes for Test early on.”

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