NJPW’s Will Ospreay: It's Almost Too Easy To Get A ‘This Is Awesome’ Chant

Ospreay would prefer some new chants when crowds return to full capacity

Former NJPW World Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay is quite simply an awesome wrestler.

What he can do in a ring is incredible, and no matter if you’re a fan of his or someone who thinks his offence is ‘too many flips’, you can’t deny that he is over with crowds all over the World.

Whoever, as told to Booker T on The Indies interview show, Ospreay is done with the ‘this is awesome’ chants, saying:

"I do think it's almost too easy to get the 'this is awesome' chant now because everyone is a freak athlete. Everyone is a freak. The one that I love is when they haven't got a chant and there are mind blown and they just cheer and clap and are like, 'we can't believe this is happening.' That's the one I go for these days."

Booker T responded saying that crowds chanting Ospreay’s name rather than ‘this is awesome’ is an achievement, as it’s a harder chant to ‘earn’ from wrestling fans.

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