Big E Says He Is Ready For His WWE Singles Run

Is it Big E's time...

Back on the July 24 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Kofi Kingston revealed he would be off WWE TV for six weeks and told his tag team partner Big E, "It's your time." Many fans have wanted to see Big E receive a singles push for a few years and they will seemingly get their wish as the eight-time WWE Tag Team Champion kicked off his new run with a win over The Miz on last week's edition of the blue brand.

Ahead of his match with The A-Lister, E sat down for an interview with Anthony Sulla-Heffinger at Yahoo News, and while he admitted the singles run is "coming out of nowhere," he feels like he's ready to embrace competing in one on one matches.

The former Intercontinental Champion said: "This is all kind of coming out of nowhere. I feel confident that I am ready for this. The interesting thing and weird thing is we don't have that organic response. I hope people enjoy this run, I hope it's good and entertaining, I hope all of the people who have clamoured for this for years are not disappointed.

"I will say, all of us, truly talented, hard-working Black entertainers, none of us want to get opportunities because we are Black. I'm certainly not saying this is the case now, but I want to show people that I am worthy of this opportunity and this spot. 

"I [also] think representation matters. It matters to see people like you, who look like you, doing well. I never wanted to be put in the box where they say, 'This is how a muscular Black wrestler should perform.' As much as I love Ron Simmons, I never wanted to be a copy of Ron Simmons or of so many of the Black wrestlers I watched as a kid. I wanted to be a one of one. I wanted to be someone who cannot be easily replaced because what I do is different than what anyone else does."


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