Big E: Going After Roman Reigns Is How You Establish A WWE Legacy

The Smackdown superstar has his Money In The Bank plans in mind...

Big E has detailed plans to go after Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship should he win the Money In The Bank briefcase on Sunday.

Big E is one of the fan favourites to win the men's match at this weekend's Money In The Bank pay-per-view and the New Day member feels claiming the briefcase is a good way to regain some momentum. 

The former Intercontinental Champion has opened up about his plans, should be win the match, highlighting the incredible work done by Roman Reigns on SmackDown in recent months.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Podcast, he said: "I felt like I was in a good position through WrestleMania and after WrestleMania, things definitely slowed down. I have some momentum to regain. That's my hope at Money in the Bank. All is forgiven, damn near, when you have that briefcase. Everything else is forgotten about, the last couple of months.

"I feel like I'm cowardly if (I cash in on Kofi). Roman has been the guy. He's been the name I've been speaking the entire time, this whole singles run. For me to go after Kofi or Bobby, it all feels murky.

"It isn't taking away what Bobby has done at all, but Roman has had an incredible year and he's the guy. He's the guy at the top of our industry right now. Everyone has different opinions on who 'the guy' is, but to me, he's easily doing the best work of his career and I don't think that's debatable. Why not go after the top of the industry? That's how you establish a legacy."

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