Blair Davenport: My WWE NXT UK Name Represents My 'Next Level'

Davenport made her WWE NXT Debut on July 1

Blair Davenport has opened up on her new WWE NXT UK name, saying it represents 'the next level' of who she is as a wrestler. 

Previously known as Bea Priestley, the Harrogate-born superstar established herself in Japan with World Wonder Ring Stardom and New Japan Pro Wrestling before signing with NXT UK earlier this year.

The former Priestley was introduced at the start of July as Blair Davenport and she herself says, while the name wasn't her personal first choice, it gives her the opportunity to recreate herself while also showing her progression.

Speaking to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT, she said: "I was offered a bunch of first and last names. It wasn't my first choice, but it was put to me like, 'Can you make it work?' I'm quite confident like, 'I can make anything work, we'll work it.'

"It's like a fresh start. Bea Priestley is awesome but even from my last match in Japan in April, I am not that version of me anymore. I've progressed from that point and this is the new element of me. It's a new way to recreate yourself and feel refreshed.

"It's not a clean slate because I don't want to forget everything I've done, but this is the next level now."

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