Big E Reveals Why He Started Using The Ring Apron As Part Of His WWE Offence

"I'm okay with the whole match being on the apron. I love it."

Big E has revealed the use of LED lights on the side of the ring has given him, and other superstars, more room to use the ring apron in WWE. 

The former Intercontinental champion has incorporated the apron into his offence, most notably with a running splash onto his opponents, and Big E has spoken about how much he enjoys working on 'the hardest part of the ring'.

Big E said on New Day: Feel The Power: "People talk about, 'there's too much apron offense these days. I'm okay with the whole match being on the apron. I love it.

"The reason I started doing more stuff on the apron was because WWE started using LEDs and I'm always excited when I see LEDs. The LED boards add an extra foot or so to move on the apron. If they are not there, it's kind of tight and I'm not agile enough to maneuver.

"With it, I can run a little bit and there's more room. When I land on you, I'm trying to get all torso and crush the guts. I'm not trying to land on someone's manhood."

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