Big E: WWE Legal Wouldn't Clear 'Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat' Merchandise

Big E’s ‘meating’ with WWE legal didn’t go according to plan

Big E has made no secret of his love of ‘big meaty men slapping meat’ in a wrestling context, and has used the phrase to try and will a match with Goldberg into existence.

The term has become synonymous with Big E since those words trickled out of his mouth, and when asked by ComicBook if we’d be getting official meaty men merch, Big E said he’s on the case:

“We need to. We need to. I tried to, but legal would not clear it. So, we're working on something else but, sometimes, you just got to push those through those barriers, so we'll see. I hope so.”

Considering the fact that The New Day got everything from cereal to pancakes to waffles over massively with the WWE Universe, surely some lovely meat based merch would be the next step?

When Big E inevitably faces Goldberg in what is sure to be the beefiest hoss match this side of JBL and WALTER at an all you can eat BBQ festival, let’s hope there’s appropriate gear available to commemorate it.

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