Big E: WWE Won't Be Splitting Up The New Day Ever

The Power of Positivity will never die

With new WWE Champion Big E officially part of Raw’s roster, it means he is back with New Day partners Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, and has assured fans that The New Day will never split up.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Big E stated how the New Day sticking together made his and Kofi’s championship wins more special:

“There are so many other routes to go that I think work. If we listened to people or people got their way years ago and we broke up… Kofi obviously still would’ve deserved his championship run, but we wouldn’t have been able to tell that story in the same way. I just think beyond our selfish desire to be together because we love being together and love each other, I think it gives you more options now.

“We got to tell this story of brotherhood. We got to go through a tag team Gauntlet match a few years ago to earn another man a world championship run. That to me is so unique and not many people could’ve pulled it off as well.”

Big E continued, noting how WWE wouldn’t split the trio up because it wouldn’t make business sense:

“There are a lot of things to consider beyond that,” Big E said. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense. We’re talking the end of the New Day podcast and all the opportunities that we’re currently in, all the future opportunities. I think we’re a really unique group. Not to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but I don’t think you see three guys are as talented as we are who we are as close as we are in this business that aren’t related that for seven years, we’re not annoyed with each other, we’re not at each other’s necks.

“I don’t know why you’d want to waste all of that to do a simple turn on each other. And then what in six months? You’re broken up in six months. It doesn’t make much sense. Don’t hold your breath. It’s over. Let it all go. Let all that stuff go because it’s not in the cards.”

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