Big Name Suffers Injury During WWE SmackDown

A multi-time world champion has picked up an injury on SmackDown

A new name looks to have potentially been added to WWE’s injury list during last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. 

A report from PWInsider has confirmed suspicions that Charlotte Flair worked the latter part of her match hurt when taking on long-time rival Asuka last night - a match she ended up losing. During the commercial break, PWInsider have been told that Flair slipped and got caught in the ropes, leading to a bump to her head and wrenching her knee. 

This wasn’t seen on TV, and instead the pair were selling in the middle of the ring when WWE came back. Flair was seen favoring her knee in the aftermath, though one could have assumed she was just selling further. Even though Flair ended up completing the match with Asuka and walking out under her own power, the report notes that many backstage talents were concerned about the severity of Flair’s injury and the condition of her knee. There is nothing confirmed by WWE or Flair as of now though.

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Written by Andrew Kelly