CM Punk References "Punching People In The Face Backstage" During WWE SmackDown Promo

CM Punk has made some nods to his turbulent AEW run

Some fans were a little underwhelmed when it came to CM Punk’s WWE comeback promo a couple weeks ago, with it feeling like a very watered down version of the man who has always been so outspoken. Those who wanted the “real” CM Punk got their wishes this week, as he pulled less punches during a promo on WWE SmackDown last night. 

Punk finally made a reference to all the backstage trouble in AEW, where he notably got into alleged altercations with the likes of The Elite and Jack Perry. When speaking about Kevin Owens, Punk noted that they are both “prickly”, and said that you cannot work with someone who “goes around punching people in the face backstage”. Punk yanked on his t-shirt to feign sweating, with this all being very, very tongue in cheek. 

It looked as though the WWE audience weren’t too in tune with what Punk was even talking about, hardly reacting or laughing at him saying “it’s 2023, you just can’t be doing that.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly