Billy Corgan Claims The CW Thought White Powder Spot From NWA Samhain Was Funny

The CW found NWA Samhain ‘powder’ spot funny according to Billy Corgan

Samhain was a notorious night for the National Wrestling Alliance, with the historic promotion gaining a ton of press coverage for a controversial spot that saw Sinister Minister James Mitchell and his horde snorting ‘white powder’ and partying during the show.

Reports at the time insinuated that the spot could have negatively impacted the NWA’s burgeoning TV deal with The CW, but according to NWA President Billy Corgan network executives found it funny:

"After the 'cocaine spot' where Sinister Minister and his hot minions were snorting sugar off a table in Cleveland, that story took a life of its own. 'NWA is going to lose its CW deal, they've lost their CW deal.' About four days after the event, CW - I don't want to say who, but certainly one of the top people at CW  called me and said, 'What is this all about?' I said, 'I don't know. No one for your world has reached out to me.' He said, 'There is no problem over here. We're reading all these articles and we don't understand what the issue is.' 'So, to be official, there is no issue with what we did?' 'No, we think it's funny.' There was no issue. It was a completely invented story by either a troll inside the company, a leaker or something.

"As I joked about at the time. A fake drug spot versus a cheese grater to somebody's head. That's okay in professional wrestling. I didn't like all the pearl-clutching. The fake rumours that we had endangered our CW spot, that was certainly annoying because it was putting a perception out there that we had done something wrong when we had never done anything wrong as far as CW was concerned. If people took offence to the spot, that's fine; that's wrestling, but the pearl-clutching from the crowd, that I found really amusing,” said Corgan to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds.

Corgan recently revealed that he has signed a new TV deal for the NWA.

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