Billy Corgan Outlines Goals For NWA

It’s a marathon not a sprint for the NWA according to Billy Corgan

Wrestling is experiencing somewhat of a mini boom at the moment, as inside the industry bubble there are tons of promotions putting on great matches and compelling storylines.

In the shuffle is the legendary NWA, who whilst less bombastic than some of its peers are still putting on headline grabbing shows, and NWA head Billy Corgan is has detailed his approach to promoting, saying the following on Under The Ring:

"Success in the long-term is that we want to be an international product that runs at the top level and I really believe that the NWA is capable of getting there. There are times when people look at what we're doing and have a hard time imagining what that looks like because you're up against big companies and they are running big products on big platforms. The world is rapidly changing as far as how people consume content. We'll set that aside," Corgan said.

Corgan continued by saying, "In the short-term, it's just getting better and stronger and more focused on what the vision of the company is, which has honestly come together in the last six to nine months in a way that is very satisfying. I know a lot of people tend to not understand what it is that I'm doing because the wrestling community - people that pay attention on a pretty regular basis, not those fans that show up for WrestleMania season - they don't understand a wrestling product that is not constantly screaming for their attention as opposed to a wrestling product, which is pivoting so that if we have an opportunity for greater success, we will be ready to go. I call it 'turn key.’

“If you gave me a bunch of money and poured it on the NWA, this product would get bigger, faster in ways that people can't understand because we're building something from the ground up. Maybe the best analogy is, if you're a fan of football, do you want a team that's going to win the Super Bowl or a team that gets to the playoffs, wins in the first round, and gets washed out. Point being, we're going for it all. Everything we're doing is to build a product that will last beyond my tenure as owner of the NWA. That's the key to this. Not everybody in the wrestling community that's there on a day-to-day level understands what that's about because they're used to everybody constantly screaming for their attention. We're a little quieter and more stealth in what we're trying to do."

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