Sami Zayn Wishes WWE Did More With The Thunderdome

The Thunderdome was a chance for WWE to present wrestling in a different way according to Sami Zayn

The Thunderdome era of WWE came during an interesting time in pro wrestling that we will hopefully never have to experience again.

Utilising a bank of screens that live-streamed audience reactions from around the world, WWE made the best of the ‘empty arena’ situation, but Sami Zayn thinks they should have done more with it, telling Ryan Satin:

"I love the ThunderDome Era, it's an unpopular opinion, I know, especially because I love the fans. I'm not going to say that all the time, but I do. I know how lucky we are to all be sharing this time together. It's a miracle we're all here, it really is. I don't take that lightly," Zayn said. "However, not having (fans) there for the ThunderDome opened the door for some new, creative ways to do things, which I personally, in my opinion, I don't think we as a company took full advantage of. We still tried to present the show as if fans were there, but they weren't there, especially before the ThunderDome when it was at the empty PC. That's why some of it felt so weird.

“Part of the reason why I'm such a fan of my match with Daniel Bryan, I know it's not exactly what you expect when you see on paper 'Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania,' you're expecting one thing and I know it wasn't that, and I would have loved to have that, but the thing I'm so proud about that match is, when you watch that match back, it never feels weird in an empty arena. If you watch the rest of WrestleMania, a lot of matches feel really weird in the empty arena. That's part of, in my opinion, a missed opportunity to present the show in a slightly different way, a different context, now that the biggest piece of the set, which is the fans, the most interactive and most unique part of our show aren't there, it really could have put us in a position to change the way we present the product. I personally don't think we took full advantage of it, but for me and my character, I think it gave me room to do more things.”

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