Billy Corgan: "Tony Khan Is A Breath Of Fresh Air To The Business"

The NWA owner believes Khan has made the business better

Even before acquiring the National Wrestling Alliance in 2017, Billy Corgan had been involved in pro wrestling for close to two decades, through several ECW appearances, ownership of Resistance Pro Wrestling, and time spent as an official in Impact.

Through his many experiences in the industry, Corgan has come to appreciate his partnership with AEW President Tony Khan, as the organizations have shared talents and championships.

Speaking with the Two Man Power Trip, Corgan professed that Khan has been highly beneficial to the NWA, and the industry as a whole.

"We work everything out. Tony has been an incredible partner and I never felt like the NWA or myself wasn't totally respected," Corgan said. "The communication is great and we talk fairly often. He's obviously a very busy guy. When we do talk, we keep it to what is most valuable.

"I'm a fan of Tony. He's been a breath of fresh air to the business. It's great to see their success because Tony is paving the way for us to make the argument that there is more room at the table for others."

Comparing AEW's standing to his time in Impact, Corgan added, "Five years ago, when I was with TNA and I'd go into those meetings, we'd sit in meetings and they'd say, 'It's WWE and no one else.' TNA's biggest year generated like $39 million gross revenue, which is a big number. In those meetings, they didn't care what I was selling. If they couldn't make it happen, what could you say if you were [at a lower revenue], no matter how good your ideas are. Tony is proving there is more and you see that with them expanding their programming. They wouldn't be expanding their programming if there wasn't a desire for more."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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