Billy Gunn Would Love To Reform The New Age Outlaws In AEW

Could a New Age Outlaws reunion be on the cards in AEW?

When ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James was released from WWE, fans wondered if a New Age Outlaws reunion with Billy Gunn could be on the cards.

Gunn subsequently filed several trademarks for the team, and in conversation with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, revealed he’d love to reform the team in AEW:

“I would love to, and I think Road Dogg would like to come in,” Gunn began. “But, he doesn’t want to do any wrestling stuff. I think he would be awesome for promos and a producer and stuff because he’s very good at that. He’s probably one of the best guys on the planet to do that, all the backstage stuff. Yeah, would it be fun to see us as a special attraction, like the lion that’s covered up?

“I think it would be fun for the people to see us, if they heard the, ‘oh you didn’t know,’ they would probably lose their minds. I’m thinking they would. It would be great to have him here because like I said, we still have an awesome relationship. He’s probably the one that I have the best relationship with in the wrestling business anyway.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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