Bo Dallas WWE Faction Members Seemingly Confirmed

WWE plans for Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy confirmed

The members of the Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy faction that has yet to debut on WWE TV have seemingly been confirmed.

Numerous teases have been revealed over the past several weeks on WWE TV, the company's Twitch channel, and the WWE WhatsApp channel that have signalled Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy will be back on TV in the near future. 

The latest teases aired on the WWE Twitch channel from 8 pm ET on Thursday night, with a stream beginning with a man wearing fingerless gloves surrounding a note that read, 'REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE'. 

The hand, believed to be Uncle Howdy's, then proceeded to write a number of letters to other members of his upcoming faction. 

The first note read: 'It is never easy to feel loss. You have lost too much already. You deserve to be set free. I know you are angry, that is ok. Let me show you what anger can do. When you are ready to take off the blindfold, come find me. You can always wear your mask :).'

The note appears to be for Erick Rowan, who famously wore a sheep mask during his time in the Wyatt Family. It emerged earlier this month that WWE had re-signed Rowan to be part of the company's plans for Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy. 

The second note, seemingly directed at Nikki Cross, stated: 'I am so sad seeing you look for a friend and finding none. How sad for them to miss out on someone as special as you. I have watched you stare into the abyss hoping someone would look back. I want you to know I see you. You are seen. You are loved. Come home your new family awaits.'

The third note referred to a family, seemingly being aimed towards Dexter Lumis who was previously a part of The Way and was even married in storyline to Indi Hartwell. 

'You had a family. You had friends. You did your best. THEY REVEALED THEMSELVES TO BE LIARS!!!!' the note stated before the writer scrapped it and wrote: 'Your family betrayed you. You deserve better. You are accepted just as you are. Come to me and I will make you brand new. I will set you free. We can be a real family.'

Finally, the last note, which appeared to be written for Joe Gacy stated: 'You had followers and they betrayed you. They turned their backs on you asking for help, asking for love, asking for someone, anyone to notice you. They all did... nothing. I will give you a family. Let's teach them consequences.' 

The video then ended with a figure delivering the letters to a burned-out shack in the woods. A door then opened and a man with a moustache appeared, which has since been confirmed to be Bo Dallas. 

A whole host of coordinates also appeared throughout the latest Twitch stream, which ended up spelling out "Rainerius", who is the patron saint of travellers. His feast day is June 17, which just happens to be the Raw after Clash at the Castle. 

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