Bobby Lashley: Drew McIntyre Brings Out 'A Special Intensity' In Me In WWE

The two will be fighting at Hell In A Cell

Bobby Lashley has admitted how much he enjoys wrestling with and alongside Drew McIntyre in WWE, saying he 'brings out a special intensity in me'.

Lashley and McIntyre are set to square up inside Hell In A Cell for the WWE Championship this Sunday, culminating a long rivalry over the Title that stretches back to February.

The duo previously teamed together, alongside Baron Corbin, as they feuded with The Shield two years ago, and the All Mighty has recalled how much he loved being in that group because of the energy they shared.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, Lashley said: "There was one time we were running some tags, a couple of years ago. There was me, Drew, and Corbin. I loved that group man, because we had good energy. I loved tagging with those guys, I loved tagging with Drew.

"Me and Drew always had something. It was like, whenever we were tagging together, even when I hit his hand, it was like that intensity. He brings out a special intensity in me. Because I look in his eyes and I'm like, "man, he really wants to fight." And that gets me fired up, and then... sometimes that gets me fired up.

"I look at some people and I can feel them back down. And I've never seen him back down. When I get more fired up, when I look like I want to kill, when I feel it, I see him come up with me and that's why whether we're tagging with each other or going against, it's the same energy.

"Man, it's fun, I like it. I'm a fighter man, I've been doing it all my life. So it's just something I enjoy."

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