Jeff Jarrett Doesn't Understand How Scott Hall Was Never A World Champion

The Bad Guy had a successful career, but never won the big one

During a recent edition of My World, Jeff Jarrett discussed the talent TNA was looking for when the promotion launched. 

The company ultimately brought in a number of former WWE and WCW stars, one of which was Scott Hall. The Bad Guy appeared on TNA's debut pay-per-view and he went on to wrestle multiple times for the new promotion in 2002. 

Jarrett recalled bringing Hall into TNA on My World and JJ noted Hall never being a world champion is "sort of a head-scratcher" to him. 

"I don't recall exactly but my gut tells me I would've reached out to him. The Jeff Jarrett-Razor Ramon relationship was pretty deep and travelled a lot of miles with him and all that, when he became available, I definitely remember I was super excited," Jarrett stated. 

"I think to this day for him not to have been a world champion, to me is sort of a head-scratcher. He had it all. I was very excited and my dad and him always had a great relationship, I was very excited to get the opportunity to have him on board," he continued.

"Me and Scott were [talking] 'Scott, we're not talking about locking you up, you know creatively what I think about you, we're going to take care of you.' He wanted to know what I was doing, and I was like 'Dude, trust me.' We knew each other, I was going to take care of him creatively and here's the dates and here's the money."

H/T to Wrestling Inc. 

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