Bobby Lashley Reveals How The Hurt Business Could Reunite

The short-lived faction were popular during their time together

Could an angry Omos lead to a Hurt Business reunion? 

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Bobby Lashley detailed a possible scenario that could see The Hurt Business reunite, noting that Omos becoming too dangerous could lead to the former faction getting back together. 

"You know what, I was thinking about what could happen to actually bring us together, and I thought about this the other day, I was like, if [MVP] made Omos too dangerous, where he couldn't contain him anymore, and Omos turned on him, he would need somebody to help him. There's only one person that can beat Omos. Then, I may need some help, and if I need some help, you have Cedric, you have Shelton, we can take him down, and then we're babyfaces again. They'll love us. Anything can happen," said Lashley. 

The Hurt Business were previously a popular faction on WWE TV after forming in the summer of 2020 and they were initially dominant with Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin all holding gold. They would split before WrestleMania 37, though, and briefly reunite in late 2021 before disbanding again. 

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